A Magical Day

Have you ever had, out of the blue & without trying, a thoroughly magical feeling day? I mean, the kind of day where you stop in the middle of it and ask yourself or significant other: Are we on vacation? It feels like we are on vacation! What is going on with how great this day is?… More A Magical Day

Tribute to & Life Lessons from An Extraordinary Cat & A Mini-Guide To Grief

We have no way of knowing that a certain person or animal (being) who walks into our life, will have a great and powerful influence upon us by the time they must leave. We have no way of knowing the full extent of it, until there is a goodbye. I really do know that there… More Tribute to & Life Lessons from An Extraordinary Cat & A Mini-Guide To Grief

Texture and Vivid Colors

Here are four photos I have taken this summer that, together, highlight the play of texture and vivid colors. Enjoy. To purchase Chandra Sherin photography prints go here. The light ethereal texture of white flower petal clusters. La Crosse WI International Friendship Gardens, Riverside Park. (Taken with my phone camera.) The enticing abundance, shapes and colors… More Texture and Vivid Colors

Lake Superior

Happy Friday! I want to introduce you to a new page on my site: Spiritual Consultant. I am excited to provide Spiritual Consulting services for the La Crosse, WI area and beyond. I have reasonable rates and lots of expertise to provide. Also, me and my family recently visited Lake Superior (Duluth, MN). It was my… More Lake Superior

Cecil The Lion

I have had dreams of “trophy”, “sport” and “canned” hunting from the perspective of animals before. Out of the blue, those dreams were shocking for me, as I had not consciously been aware of that kind of hunting to such a detailed and intense degree before. Waking up from those dreams, I sobbed from the depths… More Cecil The Lion

Art That Rocks

Art that Rocks! Ha ha. Literally: rock art. This is pure magic for me because I have a deep affinity for both! My daughter and I had a great time painting rocks from Lake Superior at Sutra Imports in Dakota, MN this past Saturday. Kim Hammer, the owner of Sutra Imports, supplied us with various kinds… More Art That Rocks


(Edited: Important links to articles & video of what is happening in Baltimore – perspectives not being shown on most regular news sources – added below this article, Apr. 29, 2015…AND: this post was edited again (on April 30th, 2015) to reflect more of what I have learned and understand through these few days time. I… More #OnlyLoveCanDoThat

Active Dreaming

Active Dreaming* CS Sherin 03.16.2015 I have had the delight and joy of being in classes led and taught by the prolific and extraordinarily talented Robert Moss, author of Dreaming the Soul Back Home and The Boy Who Died And Came Back, throughout the past year. Robert teaches concepts about dreaming that he created, such… More Active Dreaming

Forest Faery

Chandra Sherin Art Here is the forest faery I have been working on. And this is just the face this powerful forest faery chose to share with me. I got the feeling it is just an interesting mask. There are three photos here. The second is in the sunlight, the third is with the sunlight… More Forest Faery

Fire Faery

Chandra Sherin Art Fire Faery Boy is finished. It is a 16×12 acrylic and ink on canvas. A little insight into Fire Faery Boy: He is kin to fireflies. His wings are kin to dragonfly wings. More paintings coming soon! Also, come see what I am up to at AwakenedWords.